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My Agent – Sellers Representation Services

When you are represented by the Noyes Real Estate Agency you become a Client of the agency.  Your Agent will represent you and protect your interests and ensure you have all the information available to let you make the best possible decisions when selling a Home or property.  At times, selling real estate can become very complicated transactions, your Agent and the Noyes  Real Estate Agency has the experience and knowledge to work through difficult transactions to  make them move forward smoothly. 
Our Agents want to be your Sellers’ representative, allowing us to represent you we are able to  work on your behalf with a specific set of goals to achieve the best possible outcome in your sale. 

As your Agent, our fiduciary duties to you are, as follows:

Your Agent is obligated to follow your instructions so long as they are not illegal and are in  accordance with the contract. 

Loyalty: * 
Your Agent is duty bound to work in your best interests ahead of those of any other party in the  transaction, including their own. 

As part of the disclosures your Agent provides you with material facts and personal knowledge  on the given property that may benefit you in the process. 

Your Agent owes you complete confidentiality. This means that they do not disclose anything  that they learn about you, your financial or personal affairs or motivations.  Accounting: 
The accounting of all documents and funds pertaining to the transaction. Reasonable Care: 
Your Agent will be able to provide you with advice on price, inspections, negotiations and repairs.  If it’s not something they know or are expected to know, they will be able to provide you advise  in how to get the information. 

*Please note that Agents have more than one Client at a time and provide loyalty to each and  every Client equally, not one over the other. 

As the Client, your role and obligations include:

Always being truthful with your Agent. Your Agent can only represent you clearly and concisely if you are clear and concise with your directions.  
Please be respectful in your manner, of your Agent and their time. You may receive an early  morning, late evening text from your Agent as they may be starting or ending their day, planning  out their daily schedule. Please understand that each one of our Agents have home lives and  family so when reaching out to your Agent please do so during or as close to normal business  hours, they will be most happy to help you with any of your concerns. 
Always try to be prompt with responding to your Agents requests. Time may be of the essence  in the written contracts associated with your transaction, always provide your Agent with up-to date contact information should you plan to be away.  

Please note, that the Noyes agency has the right to terminate your representation for abusive or  disrespectful treatment. We should always treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. 

Here is a list of items your Agent may perform for you as a Seller Client.

Document Preparation: 

  • Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement 
  • Purchase and Sales Agreement 
  • Extensions to the P&S Agreement 

Documents and Information gathered: 

  • Property Disclosures 
  • Property Map 
  • Recorded Deed 
  • Recorded Plans 
  • Building permits, plumbing permits, certificate of occupancy, town documents and files State of Maine documents and files 
  • HOA bylaws, meeting minutes and documents 
  • Road Association bylaws and fee schedule 

Appointments and Scheduling 

  • Showing appointments 
  • Property inspections scheduling 
  • Attending scheduled inspections  
  • Managing financing contract dates 
  • Scheduling the Closing

Following up with Clients and Buyers Agent 

  • Following up with the Buyer agent on their Client questions and additional information Following up with requests for documents and files 
  • Following up with the Client on any feedback received after submission of an Offer  Keeping the Client informed throughout the transaction 
  • Making sure all keys and garage door openers are brought to closing 

Discussions with the Client 

  • Reviewing and discussing the Exclusive Right to Sell listing Agreement 
  • Reviewing all gathered documents and files with the Client 
  • Formulating a strategy with the Client to obtain the best possible outcome Reviewing and discussing the Purchase and Sales Agreement  
    • Preparing to receive an Offer 
    • Follow up on receiving a copy of the Earnest Money Deposit  
    • Offer and Counter Offer dates 
    • Following up on the List of Contingencies 
    • Inspection dates and schedules 
  • Meeting with inspectors, providing access to the property for inspections Attending certain inspections that are of concern 
  • Receiving and relaying feedback from the inspectors to the Client 
  • Reviewing and discussing the inspection reports with the Client 
  • Reviewing and discussing purchase price after inspections are completed Reviewing reduction of price offers with the Client after the inspections are completed Reviewing and discussing finance dates 
  • Reviewing and discussing the Closing date and any extensions needed 
  • Discussing Title Search, Title Insurance (lenders, owners) 
  • Reviewing property Insurance requirements with the Client 
  • Reviewing with the Client closing documents 
    • Prepared Deed 
    • Transfer Tax Form 
    • Closing Statement 
    • Fuel and other prorations 

Please note, these items listed above that your Agent may engage in will depend greatly on the  transaction.  
Your Agent is here to follow your direction as it pertains to the law and the contract.  Your Agent will follow your requests and direction that have been given to them clearly and  concisely, it’s always best to make those requests and directions in writing so that you and your  Agent understands them fully. 
Your Agent will not follow any direction which involves steering or the discrimination of a  protected class, when in doubt your Agent can advise you as to State and Federal laws pertaining  to discrimination.

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