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Without exception, the approach we have with our Clients is much different than you would ordinarily find from the national chain brokerage companies. We focus on our Clients, their lifestyle, the way they see themselves interacting with their friends and their neighbors; and with the community. We tailor our search for the property that fits you and your family. We open the doors to a new community, a new lifestyle of staying healthy, happy and active in nature. 

Our Clients, have used the tools we’ve provided them with to achieve a greater personal understanding of each step of their real estate transactions with us. We encourage you to explore the services and links that we provide here that help Buyers and Sellers find just what they are looking for.

Reach out to one of the Noyes My Agents to help you with understanding the importance of having an experienced licensed broker guide you through your real estate transaction. As your agent, our fiduciary duties are to serve you as our Client(s), with your specific set of goals to achieve the best possible outcome in your purchase or sale of a property.

The Noyes Real Estate Agency story began in November 1998, with the roots of the company going back to 1953. Since it’s beginnings the Noyes Agency has been offering real estate brokerage services to Buyers and Sellers in the Rangeley Region and the State of Maine. The agents that have worked for the agency throughout those years did so with a strong personal integrity to hard work, competence and professionalism. One of our greatest strengths is our ability to work with the other agents/ agencies in our markets. We have developed a level of respect and cooperation within the communities we serve. From our office we are able to connect with the businesses, services and non-profit organizations that make up our communities. The Noyes Agency gives back to these great teams of people; we donate our time; we raise funds; and assist families in their dream of owning their first home. We will always be an intricate part of our Community; that’s who we are.  

For more information on how we can assist you with your personal real estate needs contact us at our office.

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