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How to Become an Educated Buyer/Seller

You come to the Noyes Real Estate Agency as a customer, you become a Client of the Agency because of the unmatched services that we provide you. We protect your interests above all others, including that our own throughout the transaction. Our Clients have become more educated in navigating their real estate transactions with us because we have given them the tools and personal understanding of each step along the way. Below, we have compiled a list of Maine real estate transaction informational guides to help you gain a greater understanding of how real estate transactions proceed in Maine.

We are here to guide you on your Journey to finding a new Home or property.  Our Buyer Services will help you with understanding the importance for having an experienced licensed Buyer’s agent representing you in your next real estate purchase. 

Our Sellers Services gives you a better understanding of why the Noyes Real Estate Agency is such a successful part of helping our Clients achieving their goals.  We are real estate marketing specialists; in this age of digital marketing, we are truly a cut above our competition.  We help our clients understand the market, the potential Buyers who will be looking for properties such as theirs’; and work with our Clients to present their property(s) in the best light.  

We encourage you to read through each of these publications and get in touch with us if you have any questions. For more information on Buying or Selling a home or property, you can reach out to one of our My Agent directly. 

Maine Real Estate Commission – Real Estate Brokerage Relationship Form
Residential Property Transaction Booklet
Protect your Family from Lead in your Home Brochure
Offers and Counter Offers – Guidelines
Arsenic Treated Wood Fact Sheet
Arsenic in Well Water
Maine Revenue Services – Sellers Withholding Tax Requirement
My Agent - Buyers Representation Services
My Agent - Sellers Representation Services

Not sure if the time is right to Sell your property – contact us at or call our office at 207-864-9000.

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