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Our Approach Finding A Home

Our approach with our Clients is about the experience in finding you a new home. Some of our Clients have been searching on their own for some time and can easily pick out the property that will work for them. Other Clients can take much longer to find that perfect property. Whatever your style that’s part of your Journey. We offer the opportunity to begin a new chapter in your life. We open the doors to a new community, a new lifestyle. A lifestyle of staying healthy and happy with mindfulness to ourselves, to the preservation efforts of our neighbors and the benefits we all bring to our community. When you’re ready to begin your Journey in finding a new Mountain Home/ Retreat or a Coastal Home, our agents are here to guide you through that Journey. It begins here..

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Our Marketing Strategy

If you are considering selling your home or property, the Noyes Real Estate Agency empowers a digital marketing strategy to reach thousands of potential buyers each month. From local and national websites, social media platforms, print ads, regional and national publications, and direct marketing to our own pool of buyers, we put real buyers’ eyes on your property. We showcase your property’s unique qualities; and how it works well with our buyers’ criteria. Then we develop those interests into offers and the sale of your property.

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