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At the Noyes Real Estate Agency, a leading firm in Maine real estate, we use the term My Agent for a very simple reason, we are truly your agent. Our Buyers’ agents work exclusive for YOU, to protect your interests and to ensure you have all the information available to let you to make the best possible decisions when buying a Home or property in Maine. We are also are here to guide you, as this is an important step toward the next chapter in your life. It’s easy to connect with one of our agents to receive Buyers Representation.

The Importance of having a Buyers’ Agent

Your My Agent takes the worry out of the complexities of your real estate purchase.  My Agent gets to know who you are, the property and the lifestyle type which has brought you to our community. We help guide you on your journey, open the doors to new friends, a new community. We watch over your interests from the first showing to the closing so you can feel at ease and focus on your new home and interior designs.

We are the #1 Buyers’ Representation Agency

We are the #1 Buyers’ Representation Agency because of who we are, for our approach to you, we want you to succeed. Its not just a house we’re helping you find, it’s a place you are going to call Home, a space you will share with your family and entertain your guests. We help you find the perfect reflection of you.

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We focus on the Details

You’ll acquire an appreciation into the experience of the process, while we work on the details. We encourage you to educate yourself on what to expect and the items that we may perform during your real estate purchase. Please browse through these informational files below to attain a better understanding of how Maine real estate transactions flow:

Maine Real Estate Commission – Real Estate Brokerage Relationship Form
Residential Property Transaction Booklet
Protect your Family from Lead in your Home Brochure
Offers and Counter Offers – Guidelines
Arsenic Treated Wood Fact Sheet
Arsenic in Well Water
My Agent - Buyers Representation Services

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