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Rangeley Area

When we think of the Rangeley Area, the town and the plantations which make the core of Rangeley area it includes the town of Rangeley, Oquossoc, Rangeley Plantation, Dallas Plantation, Sandy River Plantation. These towns and plantations make up the heartbeat of the Rangeley Region, its where we all meet to dine; for shopping; and where we look to for the people and services that keep our Homes and properties running.

The Rangeley area and region is made up of 6 major lakes and hundreds of smaller lakes, ponds, rivers and streams. In the heart of it all is Saddleback Mountain standing at 4,120 feet. The region has been a destination for recreation and “Summering” for at least 150 years, when well-to-do families ventured to the mountains of northwestern Maine to escape the hot, dirty cities of Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Many of these families have generations of memories of “going-up-to-camp” to their summer retreat.   

Today, the Rangeley Area/ Region has some of the nicest people you’ll find in Maine living here year-round. The region is truly a 4-season recreational destination, which boasts some of the best nordic and downhill skiing, the best snowmobile trails in the winter; Some of the best fly-fishing waters in the country, plenty of un-crowed lake fishing opportunities, hiking the abundance of local trails and the Appalachian Trail which cuts through the region. The Summer lupine, blue berry and other festivals, or just relaxing to watch one of our exquisite sunsets; Fall brings out the beauty of the change of season with a drive in the country along the 35-mile scenic by-way, residents and visitors alike enjoy the cool crisp air of the Fall venturing into the woods for some bird or big game hunting; Until the on-set of colder temperatures blankets the area with the first snows of Winter.  

We encourage you to connect with the Rangeley Chamber of Commerce and sign up for their weekly newsletter.  You’ll receive all the area information and events happening in the Rangeley region.  

The Noyes Agency provides exceptional customer real estate brokerage services to their Clients in the Rangeley Region and beyond. From our new offices on Main Street in Rangeley we have continued to work with our Clients who live beyond the Rangeley Region, to assist them with all their real estate transactions throughout the State of Maine. 
We have agents who live and work in the communities which we serve.  If you have a real estate question, if you are looking to Buy or Sell a property in Maine, we can assist you.  
It’s no longer necessary to get a separate agent in Rangeley, Farmington, Portland or Kennebunkport to help you buy or sell a Home or property for you. In this day of digital we have the digital marketing capability and the local agents in your community to oversee all your real estate transactions needs. 

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