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Lifestyles - Living in the Mountains

We all need to get out in Nature more often, smell the clean crisp air in the pines the morning after a good rain storm has passed. Enjoying the peace of nature on a stream or river fly fishing in the early morning before the day unfolds, or taking a morning hike and coming upon a doe and her fawn along an area trail.  These are moments that take us away from our busy lives in the city, this is why we have a place in the mountains to get away, to recharge our batteries, to rejuvenate our souls.  

A morning yoga class to start our day or an evening class to quiet our mind, when we live in the Mountains, we are in a greater control of the lifestyle we want to live. Living here becomes a new chapter of our lives, the peace and serenity of our surroundings helps us live better lives, longer lives with less stress. Healthier, happier with mindfulness of our being and purpose in our lives. 

Getting up early becomes a way of life in the Mountains, catching first tracks the morning after on the new fallen snow at Saddleback or Sugarloaf Mountains is an exhilarating time with our friends, our families. In the Summer, just sitting on the deck having your morning coffee watching the sun rise over the mountains.

These are the reasons we own a Mountain property, a retreat, a base camp from where we venture out into Nature. We bring our families, we gather here for birthdays, for holidays, we make life time memories here, our moments in time.   

From here we venture out, explore the rich history of the men and women who lived here before us, we walk old stone walls, we hike to the peaks of these mountains for breath taking views. 
People’s lifestyles can be defined by their interests. We have separated different interests to help you find the things you like or the things you’d like to try. 



Fishing – Fly Fishing

Steams/ Rivers
Lake – Trolling
Canoeing/ Kayaking

Hiking – Trails/ Backwoods

Appalachian Trail
Local Early Morning/ Evening Hikes
Camping – Campgrounds

Back Country
Canoe Trip/ Lake/ River Trip
Skiing – Cross Country

Snowmobiling – Trails

Back Country

Pond Skating - Ice




Dining Out

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