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Rangeley Region

The Rangeley Region in Maine is a serene and stunning destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with each of the several towns giving visitors unique experiences. Andover boasts the Miles Notch Trail and Ellis River swimming hole, as well as the chance to enjoy stunning panoramic mountain views from the Andover Earth Station. Upton is renowned for its clear lakes and forests, which provide ample opportunities for activities such as fishing, hunting, hiking, and wildlife watching. Visitors can also explore the nearby Holeb Public Reserved Land and Magalloway River. Lincoln Plantation, located between the Rangeley Lakes and the North Woods of Maine, features vast forests and mountains, with trails for hiking, mountain biking, and ATV adventures. The Butters Falls Trail provides hikers with incredible views of several waterfalls. Byron and Roxbury are perfect for visitors on the lookout for secluded areas and feature beautiful lakes for fishing, swimming, and boating activities.

In addition to the region's natural beauty, there are several notable restaurants, bars, and inns providing excellent dining choices, farm-to-table breakfast menus, and luxurious country living spread throughout the range. With its natural beauty, appealing dining options, and numerous outdoor opportunities, the Rangeley Region is an excellent investment for anyone seeking an ideal home that provides tranquility and a great outdoor experience.

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