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The Noyes Real Estate Agency has developed an instant way "Buy it Now" to make an offer from our website. It’s simple, easy and requires about two minutes of your time. Let's get started:  First, you will type in the property address to let us know the exact property you would like to purchase. Then, complete the rest of the form which includes the amount of your down payment, purchase price and include your name and contact information. Then, pick the agent you would like to work with and click "Submit" when you're finished.  We are here to help you make this a pleasant buying experience. 

Here’s what we’ll need:

Contact Information

Click the Submit button and your Offer is on its way. Next, go to the Make an EMD Payment page, click on the EMD Payment button, click on the Pay Now button, then fill out the information to submit an electronic check directly from your checking or savings account for the Earnest Money Deposit. Then, click Continue and our bank will process your EMD Payment request and email you a copy of the transaction receipt. It’s that simple. The Agent that you chose will contact you, review your offer with you, write up the offer form, then email it to you for your review, initials and signature. The Agent will then present your offer to the Seller for there review and approval. The whole process can take as little as an hour or slightly longer depending on the Sellers review. We want to make your real estate buying as simple and easy as can be. Reach out to us if you have any questions, we’re always here to help.

For more information on purchasing a home or property – contact us at or call our office at 207-864-9000.

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