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Living on the Coast

Living on the Coast, the fresh salt air, the smell of the sea and the beautiful colored shops and buildings sea side. We flock here in the Summer because Coast living truly represents Summer. Having a Coastal Home here in the Kennebunks seem to make our busy lives in the city a little easier, a little more fulfilling. 

We get out to meet new friends, make new acquaintances, to see and be seen. We enjoy the cute little coffee shops, the dining on an outdoor patio or deck, and the fine dining experiences we all share here.  We walk along the shops interested in seeing what they have new for this year.  As the Summer warms the sand we venture out for the afternoon with friends and family to the beach, for a boat ride, for an evening cruise. Our time here never seems to be long enough, we begin to cherish these days here remembering our old friends.

Living on the Coast is one of the most important decisions we made for our life, our family’s life.  The memories we make here each year will last well into our lives, our children’s lives. Our Homes become those gathering places we entertain, have intimate dinners, family get togethers, holidays.  We Love it here in the Kennebunks.

Finding the perfect home here in the Kennebunks is what the Noyes Agency is here for. Jamie Mandell our Kennebunkport broker lives and works here in Kennebunkport. Jamie owns and operates KPT Luxury Home Rentals and knows most of the finer homes in the area. He is your guide to finding a home for you and your family. Jamie can assist you with Buying or Selling a Home, Land or Rental Property. Whatever your Real Estate needs the Noyes Real Estate Agency can help you achieve your goals. 

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