Rangeley, Maine Real Estate



Its summer!!! The weather continues to be sunny and warm and the rain has turned everything green.  The flowers are blooming and the lake is warm!!!!?  At least warm enough for boating and a very quick dip!!

So why not come up for a visit and see the bargains– there are some waiting, even though the 2014 real estate market in Rangeley was the best in years.   Don’t wait too long.

Bargains and well priced new listings are selling.   Waterfront properties are moving the fastest!!  Call our brokers and let us know what you want.  We can be your buyer broker and work for you!!!! Always know who your broker represents and ask for buyer broker representation.   Check our blog to see how real estate is doing in New England and Rangeley.  Get on the bargain bandwagon.  We are seeing real estate in Rangeley at the best prices in 5 years.  

Go to Property Search above,  plug in the Zip Code 04970 and search for waterfront or  land, or residential and limit your search.  Then call or email us and we can be your buyer broker in the purchase of that dream property in the Rangeley Region. Using the Zipcode 04970 to search means you won’t miss something in Adamstown or Dallas Plantation or one of the 30+ towns and plantations that make up the Rangeley Region!!!!!!!

Even with the improving market, prices are still going down on some properties, there are short sales and foreclosures and well priced winter recreation properties and summer waterfront properties.  Come by the office and let us help you find the right one.

LARGE LAND PARCELS  If you are a sportsman you should check out our large acreage parcels, as large as 5000 acres.  Search Franklin County for parcels over 30 acres and see what you find, or call one of our brokers.  We can help you find a large parcel for hunting and other sports!!!

If you love our area and have dreamed of owning some property here– now is the time.  Remember, real estate is that one investment which will always be there.    

This video should remind you of why you love the area!!!


We cover Rangeley, Stratton, Eustis, Phillips, Strong and Farmington areas. Real estate is one of the most exciting investments you can make, and it should be a fun and rewarding experience. At Noyes Real Estate  you’ll find everything you need to buy or sell a home. It is our goal to provide you with superior service at all times, so please tell us more about you!